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Our Mission

EaaSI creates and supports technology and services for the application of software emulation across a diverse spectrum of professional disciplines, organizations, and individual use cases. With our innovative software solution and the expertise of our team, we eliminate barriers to emulation and enable users of all skill levels to create and interact with software, computer systems, and data.

Our Team


Program Manager, Yale Library

Wendy Hagenmaier

Wendy leads the EaaSI team and serves as PI.


Advisor, Kehl University

Klaus Rechert

Klaus draws from his years of experience to offer insight into EaaSI's strategic planning.


User Support Lead, Yale Library

Ethan Gates

Ethan is the first point of contact for members of the EaaSI community.


Developer, OpenSLX

Oleg Stobbe

Oleg leads all aspects of development, including planning, coding, testing, and release.



Sustainability Consultant, Educopia

Brandon Locke

Brandon shepherds the planning and rollout of the EaaSI subscription service.


Sustainability Consultant, Educopia

Jessica Meyerson

Jessica ensures sustainability is a factor in all strategy, outreach, and business planning.



Dual Labs

Dual Labs delivers the quality code that makes the EaaSI frontend do what it does so well.

Student Staff

We recognize and appreciate the contributions of all our student staff. Every student staff member is critical to EaaSI program success.


  • Claire Campbell (M.A. ’23)

  • Daraeno Ekong (’24)


  • Andres Burgos (’22)

  • Lucia You (M.A. ’22)

  • Nina Lin (’24)

  • Helen Dugmore (’22)

  • Sasha Semina (’23)

  • Yifan Li (M.C.S. ’22)

  • Leo Lizbinski (M.P.H. ’20)

  • Kevin Zheng (M.M. ’18, M.P.H. ’20)

  • Justin Cong (’20)

  • Justin Aubin (’21)

  • Mac Schmidt (’20)

  • Zoe Sinclair (’22)

  • Idris Sylvester (’20)

  • Eric Timperman (M.M., ’19)

  • Matt Tu (’22)

  • Kohei Yamaguchi (M.M.A., ’19)

  • Paul Han (’20)

  • Alexa Murray (’19)

  • Vibhor Nayak (M.A.M., ’18)

  • Nico Taylor (’22)

  • Nicole Cosme (PhD. ’26)

  • Esther Dominguez (’24)

  • Aly Moosa (’25)

  • Neeta Patel (M.A. ’24)

  • Jeff Pham (’24)

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